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Who I am

A designer for who craftsmanship and experimentation are the main focus. During the last years, I embarked on a path which allowed me to rediscover the importance of needle and thread. A sort of travel back to the time in which industrial production was not developed and tailored clothes went hand in hand with the concept of fashion

My creations, my drawings and my ideas reflect what I try to be. I struggle to call myself a “designer” or a “tailor”: I would rather describe myself as a professional who loves to love what he does and who tries to put all that he learnt in his creations.

Contact me

Browsing my collection have you noticed a garment you particularly enjoy? Would you like to know more about my works or my clothes in general? Contact me using the form below and I will provide the information you need to satisfy your request, maybe even inviting you to my Atelier to talk about it in person.

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